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So what is all this buzz about this new Sisel Tea line?  What makes this tea so special?

Check out the 1st of the Sisel Té line of products: Fire N Ice Tea


So this tea is formulated by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen—a leading researcher of thermogenics.  Click on her name for her credentials.

Also involved in bringing this product to us is Jeff Krushell, a Personal and Team Performance Specialist, and the Current Strength And Conditioning Consultant for Major League Baseball International.

Thermo – What?

Dr. Ann is basically an expert in sugar and all things that make you fat.   Let’s dig a little deeper into the science behind this.

 Many Things Induce Thermogenesis, But You Must Do It Correctly

So how does this tea do this?

It’s all about the ingredients.

This product contains a “buffered” caffeine.  You know when you drink too much coffee and you feel like this?


That jittery, miserable feeling?  This product gives you 2-4 hours of sustained energy with no huge highs or lows and it does NOT stress your adrenal glands.

This product also has some minerals added to it, one of these being Chromium.  Chromium is a master regulator of blood sugar and 80% of the population is deficient.

This also contains the EGCG’s from green tea leaves.  Did you know many companies use these compounds but they extract them with solvents or alcohol?  This products is extracted without harsh chemicals.

So How Do You Make It Sweet Without Using Sugar?

Sisel International uses a fruit sweetener.  There are three sugars in fruit, glucose, fructose and sucrose.  Two of these three are high-glycemic and stimulate an insulin response.  Sisel has extracted the compound that will NOT do this and this formulation is theirs alone!  This sweetener is safe for diabetics.  This is extracted from ORGANIC fruit, and no chemicals are used in the process.

If you want to learn more about all this science you can check out this video below:

You can take this tea up to 3x/day.  And it should be taken on an empty stomach.  Anything you put in your mouth can tell your body to burn or store fat.  First thing in the morning is best, along with late morning and early afternoon.

This delicious iced tea is specially designed to help you maintain a healthy body weight while inducing an increase in metabolic rate, enabling your body to go from Fat-Storing to Fat-Burning.

A Natural, Low Glycemic, Fat-Burning, Energizing that is Diet Friendly—Fire N Ice Tea is much more than a convenient soda/energy drink replacement. With a patented Fruit Sweetener made with Organic Pomegranate fruit, a proprietary (non-caloric) thermogenic agent, an Anti-Carbohydrate compound clinically tested for over 20 years and backed by 30 plus years of unprecedented manufacturing power, this is an astounding merger of holistic wisdom and cutting edge scientific studies.

So What Does This Mean?

Basically…drink a delicious iced-tea and turn your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine!

So All This Science Must Mean It’s Super Expensive Right?

NOPE!  You can get this super tasting tea for $1.20/serving!


That’s right.  For the same price as a bottle of water (likely from the springs of your local tap),  you can drink a HEALTHY beverage that helps you burn calories.

If you want more info you can CONTACT ME and I will give you all the dirt you desire.

If you just want the goods you can click the link below an order this super-slimming beverage.


 To A Healthier You,

Sisel Online


  1. Jean Juno says

    I would be interested in trying a free sample and getting more information about your product.
    Thank you.

  2. Angella says

    Can people with LUPUS drink this tea? I would like to know for I’m a lupus survivor and would love to burn some body fat.

    Thanks in advance as I await your response.

    • Colleen says

      Hi Angella,
      Thanks for stopping by! I emailed you. Please let me know if you need more information.

    • Colleen says

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for stopping by! I will send you an email to get your address. I am happy to send you a sample!

  3. angelina says

    I would like to try free sample! I have 90 pounds to lose! I am on a diet and would like to give this a try!

    • Colleen says

      I would love to send you one! I’ll shoot you an email for your address. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Colleen says

      Hi Lisa,
      The weight loss tea comes in one flavor and we also have a green tea as well.
      I will email you for your addres.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Virginia says

    I would love to try a sample please. I used to use another tea By Dr. Allen & it really gave me a boost of energy that I needed to workout. Dr. Allen is the real deal! =)

  5. Mindi Russell says

    Yes I would like a sample it sounds ideal!
    Just want to make sure I like the taste first before ordering.
    Thank you

  6. says

    I would be very interested in a free sample and also to read the white paper or study that backs up science behind the product – this stuff really fascinates me and have always thought that many products on the market are missing integral components this is the first I have heard of chromium in a tea and must day I am impressed

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