The Only Sisel Review That Reveals It All…

What makes you decide to partner with a company?

I know for me it was integrity, track record, products and the pay plan.

I had all these boxes checked for me and this Sisel Review will show you EXACTLY why.

The company was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower and his son Tom Jr. in Utah.

What makes this company unique is that it started with over $150 million dollars of Tom Mower’s OWN money.

I’ve included a video below that talks a little about him and why he started Sisel. It’s a mission I immediately got on board with, and I’m sure you’ll see why.

What Is Sisel All About?

He built a 440,000 square foot manufacturing facility and has more than a dozen well-respected research scientists on staff.

This has enabled Sisel to control the cost of their products across the board and is the reason why they are able to pay their reps up to 4 times more than the majority of MLM companies in the world.

And to top it all off, Sisel International can NEVER be sold and is backed by a trust. The reason why this is so important is because after most companies go public, they fold.

Sisel International Scam?… FAR from it!

He also strongly believes in paying the International Distributors BEFORE shareholders!

Not many companies will do that!

They also own a coffee farm in Panama, farming their own Panamanian Boquete Geisha beens for it’s coffee. They are consistently ranked as the highest quality beans in the world.

Guess who has sold them for a limited time for $120 per 8 oz bag?

You might recognize the name…..STARBUCKS!

This has never been done in the history of MLM!

Tom has created a debt free company which the majority of MLM companies cannot claim.

Stability is one of the most important things you should look for when choosing a company to join, and you will definitely find it here!

The second reason I chose this company is the products.

People are becoming more aware of the toxins in our food, water and personal care products. These products we use every day contribute to the increase of Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s to name a few.

The demand for Sisel Products is increasing, the timing could not be better!

Who doesn’t want to feel younger, look younger and lose weight? There is something for everyone here.

Sisel manufactures the same products you use daily but without the toxins.

In fact, the Sisel Safe Products are packaged in non toxic containers.

Sisel also produces the best quality nutritional products available.

From supplements to personal care products, Sisel offers many options to living a healthier life and looking younger! Check some of them out here.

Interested in purchasing products or becoming a distributor?

Let me show you the different ways it’s possible.

How to Join….

Preferred Customer

If you just want to purchase products to look and feel younger, becoming a Preferred Customer is the way to go!
There is no charge to become a preferred customer.

Just click here and click on the button on the bottom left that says SHOP NOW.


On the next page choose your country and Preferred Customer.

As a preferred customer you receive a 20% rebate towards future purchases.

Basically if you purchase $20 worth of product you receive a $4 credit towards future purchases.

So if you don’t intend to take advantage of the business opportunity, then Preferred customer is the way to get the best price on the products.

When purchasing the system will pre select a monthly autoship. (You do not have to sign up for autoship.)

So you want to look and feel younger and help others do the same?

Become a Distributor.

Go to the Website and click on the button at that says become a Brand Partner.


Choose distributor and your country on the next page.

Select the products you want to order and you are in business.

As a distributor you will want to sign up for autoship.

Keep in mind you can change your autoship at any time.

Commercial Member:

This does not apply to most people.

There are commercial accounts available to businesses that simply want to sell the Slender Pops at retail.

Sisel is a debt free company committed to Health, Wellness, and Longevity.

The name is an acronym for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your health, or look younger, Sisel has the right products for you.

Come and join our team and we will teach you how to build your business the online way!

No home parties, no bugging your friends and family….unless you ABSOLUTELY want to!

Got Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Contact us today and we will connect with you ASAP :)

To Success And Nothing Less,

Sisel Online